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Hotel + Office Development

Uxbridge Road, Ealing


Hotel + Office Development

The 10 million scheme for a new 165 room Premier Inn hotel and 3500m2 of offices is located on Uxbridge Road, Ealing in West London. The proposed building replaces the old 1960's concrete and glass office block, which was outdated and very much out of place in this growing and rapidly changing shopping and commercial centre. The hotel accommodation is spread over seven floors (with bedrooms located at the rear) while the office use takes up six floors located on the front section of the building. Entrances to both uses are located at the front elevation and building's design language, massing and detail are respective of the adjoining properties.

The scheme has received planning approval in November 2007 and was highly acclaimed by the councillors and residents alike. Construction commenced on site in the spring of 2008.